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The Most Bestest LiveJournal Ever!!!

With a Subtitle, Too

26 July 1988
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Hi my name is Ben, so ya. Just, like, if you didn't already know that somehow, I guess. What else, um, I like 8-bit Theater and skiing and computers and computer games like Starcraft and Fallout and the Myst games and Halo and I also like climbing and kayaking and golf and fencing and Strong Bad and Legendary Frog's animations and Flash and Flash animations and Flash games and dragons and chocolate and fire and camping and digital photography and painting and Coke and ice cream and mechanical pencils and science and Sonic the Hedgehog and cell phones and swords and miscelleneous shiny objects and swimming and sunsets and sunrises and books by Isaac Asimov and other science fiction and movies and...
well, just about everything, except unhappines. Unhappiness should be shot to death with a dagger.

Marriage is love.

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Self-Injury: You are NOT the only one.

March 1 is SI Awareness Day.

Depression is NOT shameful